Saturday, April 21, 2012

Complete “Incredible Jewel Robbery” at last!

(with thanks to Bob Gassel)


Bob Gassel said...

I just wish this started where it ended...

Matthew Coniam said...

Have you tried watching it upside down?

Andrew T. Smith said...

Thanks for this!

The first half is way too long and has way too few gags, but the payoff with the car is fantastic.

Andrew T. Smith said...

Having had a bit more time to think about this, the show reminds me a lot of "Once Upon a Time", a Twilight Zone episode starring Buster Keaton. Both half hours come from a place of affection for silent comedy and obviously have a lot of talent invested in them, but both demonstrate that the art of making silent comedy had been lost over the course of just fifty years. The cameras are too static, the pacing too slow and the jokes too few and far between.

Matthew Coniam said...

I think you have it exactly right. Obviously television is not the most promising place to start such an attempt, but you only have to look at The Party or It's a Tedious, Tedious, Tedious, Tedious Film to see that even in the movies the whole art of silent comedy had been forgotten - it's a question of rhythm, and mind-set.
Even with Mitchell Leisen on board as director - an incredible stroke of luck for the production - it never quite finds its feet and takes flight (not that you need feet in order to fly, but metaphors never were my strong point).

That said, of course, I'd much rather that it existed than it didn't: it is the last new Marx Brothers film I'll ever see, and it is sweet and pleasant and jolly and all that. I'm assuming you - as a glass-half-full defender of Love Happy and Deputy Seraph - agree!

What's happened to Illegible Me?

Andrew Smith said...

I absolutely agree; it's the last stop on my Marxian checklist as well.

Life happened, but I'm working on some other stuff that should hopefully fill the void for all three of you who read it!

Leia said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Matthew Coniam said...

It's good enough for me! It was just great to finally see it.
You don't have a copy of Humor Risk by any chance do you?

Leia said...

Oh I WISH!!!! I would really love to see it. Everyone should go look in their attics..
I have Papa Romani with Chico but I haven't put it up on youtube yet. Not sure if anyone would be interested?

Matthew Coniam said...

That one's easy to get hold of here on cheapo DVD - for some reason Jewel Robbery just never made it to Britain.
I really enjoy it though. Papa Romani, I mean. I know it's rubbish really, but it's so sweet. I wish it had gone to a series, and they gradually found excuses for him to play the piano each week, and Harpo was a guest star one time, as his brother.

Leia said...

That would be so amazing. I love the little scenes Chico and Harpo have together in the films. They are so sweet. p.s I sent you a message on your facebook (hope i got the right page)

Matthew Coniam said...

That's weird ... I haven't got it I'm afraid. But I wouldn't have thought you'd got the wrong page...

Would you like to have another go and I'll log in and look out for you?

Leia said...

i sent it again. Check the inbox :)

Jeff Heise said...

Is this at all available on DVD? And where has this been?

Matthew Coniam said...

For some reason no, not officially, but it's obtainable on I-Offer and suchlike places.

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